JOIN FORUM  ( Fingal Organised Residents United Movement)

Forum represents Local Communities and Residents living in the vicinity of the airport and seeks to ensure that the DAA are not allowed overturn the existing planning conditions 3 & 5 which deal with runway usage and 65  limited night time flights   when the new runway is built . 

Shane Ross has announced that a new EU Regulation 598/14  which deals with a balanced approach to airport noise will be adopted into Irish Law and the competent Authority appointed ( The Irish Aviation Authority) will not be bound by the existing preconditions .Thus local communities have effectively lost the protection of night time noise limitations  granted by an Bord Pleanala.

Forum wants its members to stand united and oppose this . We want to be part of the discussions rather than left on the side lines and told what has been decided ! 

We want people to sign up to FORUM so that we will be a large movemnet and our voices taken Seriously

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Members include:

Portmarnock Community Association

Malahide Community Forum

Rivervalley Residents Association

Hollystown Concerned Residents

Chamley Park Residents

Bissets Lane Residents

Kinseally Residents Association

St Margarets The Ward Residents Association

Ridgewood Residents Association

Boroimhe Residents Association

Drynam Hall Residents Association

Tyrrelstown Residents Association

Aims of Forum:

1. To represent Fingal local community interests and concerns over the impact on quality of life in the area due to the expansion of Dublin Airport.

2. To insist on the retention of Conditions 3 and 5 imposed by An Bord Pleanala and agreed by Dublin Airport Authority in 2007 on the mode of operation of the New Runway namely:

3. Condition 3(d) prohibits use of North Runway for landings and take-offs between the hours of 2300 to 0700. Condition 5 states that, on completion of construction of the new runway, the average number of night time aircraft movements at the airport shall not exceed 65/night (between 2300 and 0700).That a wholly Independent Competent Authority should be established to comply with, and ensure compliance with, EU REGULATION 598/14. · This Authority must have the confidence of Airport Communities. · Mechanisms should be in place to measure and reduce/eliminate Aircraft Noise with the intent of achieving W.H.O. Standards. · Air Quality checks and Public safety zones should be clearly defined. · Updated standards of noise levels to clearly state when there is a need to initiate insulation of schools and Homes.

4. Use of Financial instruments to ensure Airlines and Airport operators comply with Best Standards .

5. Flight Paths to be clearly delineated for local communities showing 15 degree separation and noise contour maps and subsequent mitigation plans need to be updated to reflect these intentions. Existing and new flightpaths to be designed in such a way as to reduce noise impact on residents

6. There should be a rigorous and transparent Cost Benefit Analysis of the total cost of proposed Runway North to reflect need for upgrading road transport infrastructure, insulation costs,house purchase costs and Health Costs .